Natural Male Enhancement

Powered by the exclusive Potency Wood compound that contains the rare herb Muira puama 'aka' Potency Wood, Stamnacore™ has given men an edge like no other product. Protodioscin is the highly-prized extract known for its effectiveness and only Stamnacore™ has it at a whopping 70% potency.

Horny Goat Weed is legendary for its namesake, and as implied, the purified extract yielding 10% Icariin will not let you down. Performance in the bedroom is no joke. Every man wants to improve blood flow, and above all, boost sexual performance.

Stamnacore™ is fortified with key 'male' vitamins including a full complement of branded Tocomax™ Vitamin E with both full spectrum Tocopherols and Tocotrienols, buffered highly bio-available Vitamin C, Boron in the chelated Citrate form (renowned for its ability to boost male performance) and Zinc with 3 1:1:1 ratio chelated forms (essential for virility, rigidity and stamina).