High Octane Thermogenic Fat Burner

Lipovarin™ is like no other weight control compound on the market. Hard to target areas like "love handles", belly, buttocks, thighs and specifically visceral fat (located beneath the muscle) are loaded with a2-Adrenergic Receptors. The a2-[AR] Rapid Lipolysis Compound has 5 highly specific clinically researched ingredients that synergistically activate lipolysis via a2-[AR] modulation.

Lose up to 2x the fat

Metazide™ is a high-dosage compound of highly effective weight-loss ingredients; Green Tea extracted to 45% EGCG (key thermogenesis activator), Caffeine (key fatty acid mobilizer), GCB extracted to 50% Chlorogenic acids (blood glucose modulator), Raspberry Ketones (increases hormone sensitive lipase), DHEA (boosts natural levels), CapsiMax™ (prevents adipocyte maturation).

Fat Loss Potency

The ingredients and dosages speak for themselves. Anyone who knows supplementation will immediately recognize the power of Lipovarin™. Lipovarin™ will exceed every expectation you have.