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Dedicated to only the highest of standards, Kleissinger Labs searches the world over to bring you only the highest quality ingredients backed by 10 years of research and clinically proven formulations. Consisting of all natural ingredients, Kleissinger Labs’ advanced line of dietary supplements works fast to provide effective and pure results. From fat burning and muscle-defining water loss to making sure you and your muscles get that much-needed rest for recovery and repair, our natural formulations will surprise you.

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Featured Products

Green Coffee Bean Supplement

Green Coffee

Featuring the patented SVETOL® raw green coffee bean extract (GCBE).

Raspberry Ketones Supplement

Raspberry Ketones

Razberi-K is a safe and healthy way to reduce body fat with no side effects.

Therminex Supplement


Thermogenic fat burner works synergistically to burn fat off and keep it off.


In The News

Kleissinger Labs Featured on Official Svetol Website

Further demonstrating the excellence of our Green Coffee supplement (Green Coffee Bean Extract), the official Svetol® website has listed among its preferred international vendors.

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Kleissinger Labs Launches Raspberry Ketones

The newest member of the Kleissinger family is here, Raspberry Ketones! These supplements have been shown to burn fat all over the body, are safe, healthy, and have no side effects.

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